Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I don't understand but I'm grateful.

This week my wife and oldest daughter are away at girl's camp. Girls camp Is kind of a scout camp, sans belching and farting at the table. Anyway they left Monday and get back on Friday.
Girls camp serves a dual purpose. First, it helps young women gain a better understanding of their divine role in God's eternal plan. They learn that their responsibilities and opportunities are second to no one and that they are of a noble birthright. It is wonderful time spent and I am grateful they are there.
The second purpose is to help we slugs here at home realize how much we miss our wife and mother when she isn't around to coddle our sorry booties. It's a great reminder and every time I promise myself I am going to do better.
This year however there was a special bonus. As my son and youngest daughter and I sat down to a meal I slaved over last night, (Pollo Loco) I asked my daughter how her older brother had been treating her. She said, "really good Daddy. When you and Mom aren't around we never ever fight." Obviously I was pleased beyond explanation but even now in the glory of my big fat smile I can't understand why. I don't NOT understand like I don't understand high school math, I just don't get why it takes mom or dad or both being out of the house for sibling love to kick in.
I guess it's just one of those things to be appreciated and not over-analyzed. So while I don't even partially confess to know why it happens I am extremely grateful it does.

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